A vital part of business communication is your voice solution. We have found not all are engineered the same with different results for everyone. We at Syscom took our best practice from our other managed solutions and implemented this strategy for voice delivery within your organization. The result? State of the art next generation voice solutions for your business.

Solid engineering

After exhaustive research, we determined solid engineering was vital to deliver best in class results. Delivering the latest technology to your business comes with great responsibility for its execution. The best results only come from a well engineered solution.

Full feature set

Our customers demand features that work for them reflecting the industries they operate within. We are proud to deliver the very latest features to your business. In the fast moving technology space, our team are constantly delivering new features to our client base. With a constantly developed platform, your business never lags behind the competition.

Software integration

Your new VoiceNet solution integrates with most commonly used business applications such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM and many other leading business applications used today.

Partner with industry leaders

VoiceNet utilizes hardware from industry leaders in the delivery of enterprise voice grade solutions. From network equipment to endpoint delivery each successfully installed client receives technology delivered from leaders in the industry.