Whether you run a small business, non-profit agency or large corporation the demand to secure your data continues to grow. Each year threats become more sophisticated, diverse and difficult to combat. With the ever growing threat to your business proactive security measures that we deliver ensure you are not exposed to unnecessary loss of data.  Your organization needs a partner that truly understands cyber threats.

Prevent expensive downtime

Downtime quickly becomes lost revenue so critical data that your business relies on should be both secure and pro-actively monitored. We have developed cutting edge products in our security portfolio that encrypt transmission, secure its integrity ensuring vital business data is always available.

From Ransomware issues to on-going vital security updates our Security Team deploys security tools securing your valuable information. Thanks to our managed Security as Service offering we train staff members, secure critical data establishing vital company wide policies to ensure data is not loss.

Improving security of your critical data

Great security is a mixture of understanding the human element together with automated processes that protect both users and data together. The only way to actively ensure secure data transmission today is to partner with a managed services provider such as Syscom Business Technologies.

With many years experience in the security, banking and compliance industries leverage our team to secure and protect your business data. From internal network security, disaster recovery and compliance assistance each of our new clients is assigned a dedicated security professional.

Establishing your security team

We are your resource for best practice, compliance assistance and overall network security both internally and externally. As your valued partner working closely within your organization we engage directly with clients ensuring through pro-active intelligence critical security work is undertaken on a 24/7 basis.