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Digital Risk In Your Small Business

During our most recent webinar, we uncovered hidden digital risks your business may not know about. We reviewed how cybercriminals reuse stolen data obtained from the dark web to potentially access sensitive information our organization holds. Let’s take a look at just some of the high points of that presentation.

1. What Is The Dark Web?

The Internet that we know and use every day only represents 4% of the actual web. The deep web is compromised by 90% of non-searchable data. The Dark Web represents six percent and is intentionally hidden and is totally inaccessible through a standard web browser. An estimated 96% of the Internet lives below the surface.

2. The Threat To All Businesses

Often employees use work credentials to access commonly used websites such as Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Verizon, AT&T, Salesforce, Gmail, and more. Exposing these credentials can easily lead to a data breach. Through re-using of passwords for personal and business accounts the lines of protection for an organization can become blurred.

3. The Growth In Work-From-Home or WTH

Due to the current pandemic criminals are using email and tools such as Zoom to access your company networks. Just recently, for example, a hacker on a dark web forum posted a collection of 352 compromised Zoom accounts. These accounts included email addresses, passwords, meeting-IDs, host keys and names, and the type of Zoom account. As more of your employees work from home the risk to your data has never been at the highest.

4. Attacks To Your Corporate Network From Unexpected Sources

During our webinar, we learned that the Target breach of 2013 arose because of an unusual attack method. Hackers logged into the retailer’s network using credentials stolen from Target’s HVAC firm Fazio Mechanical Services. Which the criminals obtained via a sophisticated phishing attack. Hackers were able to upload malware programs onto Target’s POS systems and remain undetected. During that attack that began November 27th through the attack being identified on December 15th criminals had downloaded 11 gigabytes of data. Later on, compromising 110 million credit/debit cards in the process.

As you learn more on how to educate your organization please check out a recording of our 30minute webinar here –

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