Legal firms are challenged with ever increasing IT demands such as document management, case management software, time tracking, email encryption, case calendars and many more applications required to do business within the legal industry. Fewer than 60% of legal companies actually have an IT budget with 25% having no formal IT procedures at all.

What Does Your Legal Firm Need?

Following a thorough interview and review process with each client a solution for your legal practice is tailored for you. Legal practices require on-going risk assessment for procedures and backup of mission critical data throughout the organization.

Avoiding Critical Downtime

When your legal practice has a network outage this equates to downtime and lost billable work. We empower our clients to continue working whilst we manage the technology needs of your legal organization.  From complicated compliance requirements to on-going technical support we become your IT department.

Leveraging Our Infrastructure

We deploy the very latest technology and resources for your legal practice. Backed with our unique cloud environment securing vital business data our clients are able to leverage our network infrastructure with live network monitoring. At a fraction of the cost it would be for a company to hire, retain and train supplying the resources required for your business.