The healthcare technology environment is extremely specialized requiring a certain skill set addressing critical needs. These needs vary from patient needs, provider needs and health care vendor requirements. Partnering with a provider that focuses on your speciality is key to establishing a technology plan that fits your healthcare environment. That is why we built HealthNet from the ground up for your practice.

HIPAA Compliance

Establishing a well-documented approach to HIPAA compliance we partner with your practice to ensure your network is both compliant and secure. With all of our clients, we establish a very clear and precise on boarding process ensuring practice continuity whilst we upgrade key networks and systems.

Custom Applications

Experienced in the deployment and support of some of the major Healthcare environments such as the ones below:

  • eClinical Works
  • NextGen
  • Versus
  • Allscripts

Those are just a few of the supported applications whilst we appreciate your practice may use one of the many other environments that are out there. During our discovery process, we will work closely with you to identify your EMR application establishing best practices.

HIPAA Assessment

Our clients can expect direct support from a dedicated Project Engineer that will engage with you delivering the HIPAA documentation your practice demands. From the security of your data transmission to security principles and procedures every client receives support and on boarding that reflects your unique healthcare environment. Through regular meetings with our clients, we establish a plan of action addressing critical HIPAA issues.