Faced with unique regulatory requirements if your organization serves the financial industry your IT infrastructure needs to be both secure and optimized. With unique compliance requirements such as GLBA etc financial data is extremely valuable demanding the most rigorous protection and encryption available.

Information Security

All passwords of course should be secure and complex in nature. Reset every 90 days with no data stored on physical media. When it comes to GLBA compliance where you store your data is extremely important.

Encryption Matters

Encryption is another form of protection for your critical financial data. When your data is encrypted it cannot be read unless someone has to decrypt it. This prevents prying eyes from snooping on your clients financial information. In the event of a breach having your data encrypted certainly makes a bad situation a little better.

Email Encryption

Email encryption is another very important part of securing financial data whilst meeting potential GLBA demands. Both client side email encryption with protection for access to secure messages that can be revoked at any time is crucial for data protection.