With our HealthNet offering your HIPAA compliant environment has never been so secure, managed meeting your HIPAA compliant needs. Built from the ground up and built by you the client every day we have been able to exceed client expectations. Improving upon current deployment strategies with a structured offering that delivers tomorrow’s technology today.

Built for your medical practice

Leveraging best in class technology HealthNet ensures that your office is ready for the next generation technology. Built and designed with customer feedback it is our clients that have helped us gear HealthNet to exceed your needs.

Reduce business risk

We have found the each medical practice has a unique environment. From small to larger practices you will find that HealthNet scales accordingly to your environment. Whilst scaling to your need we reduce your risk with pro active resources deployed on-site and remotely.

Integrates with your practice management software

Compatible with all the major practice management software that exists today such as eCW, AllScripts and many more HealthNet is compatible with all the major software vendors for your practice.

HealthNet delivers best in class results

Nobody likes downtime. Once you begin to use HealthNet your organization will see an immediate return in terms of performance and reduced business risk. Utilizing support both remote and local ensures that any critical network or environment issue is resolved quickly or more importantly before it becomes an issue.