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Dark Web Dangers Changing Your Small Business Risk

We recently ran a webinar on the impact of the dark web for small businesses everywhere. During that webinar, we shared the common exploits offering to share with people what information on their own organization was readily available. But what does the dark web mean for our businesses in the future? How is the information used? Moreover, what do the coming years look like for business owners?

Lack Of Visibility

Many people we speak with simply do not know what information is available on their organization on the dark web. So, in many ways, this is problem number one. Your organization needs to understand that data and be aware of new releases of that data in the future. Everything in our industry is a point in time.

The information you see today will be totally different next week, next quarter so build a plan around knowing that information.

Security Landscape Has Evolved

Recent breaches of organizations that lead to subsequently published data on the dark web are long and detailed, let’s take a look at just a few of those examples. below-

  1. Hacker leaks 900 VPN credentials onto the dark web- Threat intelligence firm KELA shared a list of more than 900 Pulse Secure VPN enterprise server usernames and passwords with ZDNet, which a hacker had posted on the dark web in plain text.
  2. 1.3 Million Havenly Accounts posted to the dark web- this information included name, telephone numbers, email addresses, geographic location, and passwords – Havenly has become the latest online firm to suffer a serious breach of customer data after hackers published the information for free on the dark web.
  3. 142 Million MGM Guest Accounts Leaked – for a small fee of around $2,900 hackers will sell you this data to do with what you want. Whilst social security information was not contained basic information was together with dates of birth and phone numbers etc. Leaked Details Of 142 Million MGM Guests Found On The Dark Web For Sale.
  4. Roughly 100gb of data was taken and shared via the dark web taken from Xerox a company we all know very well. Doing business in over 160 countries once again personally identifiable information clearly was included. Maze ransomware operators claim to have stolen more than 100 GB of files from Xerox and will make them public if the printing giant doesn’t engage in negotiations for a ransom payment, BleepingComputer reports.

The days of anti-virus, a decent IT department have long gone. Criminals take this data, sell the data, or reuse the data for further attacks. But we will come to that in a moment.

Cyber Criminals Automate Hacking

With data readily available either to be purchased or simply available for free on the dark web you can see there is no shortage of data available. That engineered campaigns are easy to implement.

Because stealing your data is a business, a very profitable and growing business they are investing in tools such as AI and automation far quickly than small business owners or IT companies can keep up with. In simple terms with the share amount of data available plugged into criminal’s tools they are able to attack and collect money at scale.

How Do We Win Against The Dark Web?

Visibility is key together with training your users to watch for phishing scams. The relentless release of data on the dark web shows no sign of stopping. Small business has enabled the continued growth of the dark web and its various outlets for making a profit.

The dark web will continue to be a very serious threat to your business and you should adjust accordingly. History has proven that we are slow to react and respond to changes, criminals are always one step ahead.

Talk with your current provider to understand your cybersecurity standards and process. The dark web is just one method of compromise of your business data however it continues to increase. Solving this problem starts with the education of both yourself and the leadership within your organization.

Do you need help preparing your technology for the future? Our vCIO team is ready to tackle your challenges. Contact us today to find out what a vCIO can do for your business.