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#Crush 2021 – Maximize Your Growth

As 2020 quickly draws to a close now is a great time to plan for an amazing 2021. Often business planning is overlooked or simply not done at all. It is vital to sit down with your leadership team within your organization to frame a successful 2021 campaign.

If this is something historically you have not done then it’s a great time to start because 2021 will be here before you know it! In order to set you on the right track, we have partnered with three incredible resources in our first ever three-part webinar series entitled #Crush2021 to help get you there. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from us in the coming weeks.

Crush 2021 – 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid – November 11th, 2 pm EST

tom Tom has worked closely with his clients for over seven years in the marketing space. He will walk us through the impact that successful marketing campaigns can have on your business.

When deployed strategically backed with industry best practice and knowledge marketing can reach new clients, deliver new services to clients that currently use some of your products and services to help you grow both revenue and profit. Most importantly during this webinar, we will explore five common mistakes that everyone makes in digital marketing.

You can simply register here to take part.

Crush 2021 – Why Strategy and Planning Are Important – November 19th, 2 pm EST

barb Barb Reimbold and our very own Jeremy De France share the value of why building a strategy is vital to business success. With Barb’s passion for business, backed with her successful career as an EOS implementor whilst the webinar is short on time at 30 minutes the value will be immense. Both Barb and Jeremy continue to work with both small and large businesses throughout Michigan driving business success through strategic planning and technology innovation.

You can simply register here


Crush 2021 – The Value of Reviewing Your Tools – December 14th, 2 pm EST

mason When was the last time you took a look at the critical tools you use in business? So many times business leaders seldom look into the market to see what is available. Critical efficiencies and lost profit often hide behind tools your organization has used for many decades. Not reviewing your main line of business applications can often impact your business with soft costs never captured.

We sit down and talk with Mason Smith of E2 to understand what problems can be resolved or what is hidden when reviewing your critical business tools.

You can simply register for that session here

Do you need help aligning your business with industry best practices? Maybe your organization needs some thought leadership to bring more money to the bottom line.  Our vCIO team is ready to tackle your challenges. Contact us today to find out what a vCIO can do for your business.